2020 Flooring Trends: Customize, Personalize, Patterns and Leather

Floors are the paths to our homes. Kids play on them, pets sleep on them, and visitors admire them. Are you looking to refresh your floors? Here are flooring trends to look out for this coming year:


A huge trend making a splash across interior design is customization; make it personal. It’s all about being subtle and unique and the same time. This is one reason vinyl and laminate have been so popular. Not only are they durable and functional, they can be printed on. This means the customer can truly get any pattern, color, and texture desired. Here’s a little inspiration found on Pinterest.

Melding flooring types

Melding flooring types allows a homeowner to add a beautiful, creative twist to the family home. There are so many options other than a simple door jam. Discover the many ways you can go from one room to another here.

Unique Patterns

Patterns in the floor can create beautiful works of art to be appreciated at large scale. Discover unique patterns for every room of the home.

2020 Trending Materials


Laminate has come a long way in the last few years and has been a popular choice for good reason. Laminate flooring is durable, holding up to the toughest scratches, dents, and even fading. The have been engineered for homes with families and pets. Laminate is also a very cost-effective option to keep up with trending patterns and styles.

Tile: Marble & Granite

Tile has been a trend for some time now and for good reason. Tile gives a homeowner endless options with color and patterns. Tile is also very versatile and durable and can be used in any room of the home. Beautiful ways to implement tile in your home.

Leather Flooring

Here’s a 2020 flooring trend that may be new to you. Leather flooring isn’t 100% leather, but it looks like it! The base is made up of HDR and porcelain. To combat wear and tear from being walked on, the top layer is a special varnish to protect the leather. All of this combined, leaves you with a beautiful and unique floor. Leather floors are best suited for home offices, sitting rooms, and even bedrooms. Get inspired with leather floors.

If these flooring trends have inspired you to start transforming your home with new floors, contact our experienced installation specialists at Eastman’s Carpets today.

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