The Best Home Flooring Options for Seniors

Safety in an aging adult’s home is paramount. As we age, our fall risk increases. Being aware of floor safety now will help minimize the risk later. There are several factors to consider when deciding on the best home flooring options for seniors.

Things to Consider

Durability – If a walker, cane, or wheelchair is ever needed, durable floors should be in place to prevent scratches and grooves.

Slip Risk – The ideal floor for aging adults will be textured to add traction and reduce the chance of slipping.

Impact – If a fall should occur, the surface should be as soft as possible to potentially lessen the severity of the injury.

Trip RiskTransition strips, which are used when different types of flooring connect, are easy to trip over. Try to limit flooring to one type throughout most living spaces so there aren’t as many transitions. You can also ask that the transitions be a different color than the floor to make them more visible.

Falls are the leading cause of injuries among older adults, sending more than two million people to the emergency room each year. Here are the best flooring options for seniors.

Flooring to Avoid

Avoid natural stone or any tile, these can be very slippery, and unforgiving if a fall does occur.

We Recommend

Luxury vinyl plank is what we recommend as the best flooring option for seniors. It’s durable, easy to clean, can be textured, and with the right underlayment (the padding under the planks) can slightly cushion a fall.

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