Rugs in the Dining Room

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There are polar opinions on putting a rug in the dining room. You either love it or you don’t. Here are some pros and cons of adding a rug in the dining area.


Like with any space, rugs can add warmth, dimension, and sound dampening properties to a dining room.

Warmth – Everything feels extra cozy when there is a rug in the room.

Emily Henderson

Dimension – Placing a rug under your dining table will help it feel more integrated with the room and can make the space feel more grounded.

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Sound Dampening – Rugs can help reduce noise, especially if you have tile or stone in your dining room.

Homebody – Photographer Lisa Petrole


Families with young children may not want a rug in their dining space, because cleanup will be a bit more of a challenge if/when spills occur.

Rug size – Avoid using a rug that is too small making it difficult to move chairs in and out.

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