The Worst Options for Flooring in Wet Areas

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Areas of your home that are moist can be tough on flooring.  When moisture, tracked in water, or spills are likely during normal use of the space, there are some types of flooring you definitely want to avoid.  Generally speaking, natural materials will break down in moisture sooner than synthetic (man-made) materials, but there are exceptions to that rule, too.  Here are 3 of the worst options for flooring in wet areas.

Natural Wood Flooring

While it’s beautiful to look at and walk on, natural woods are not ideal for moist or wet spaces.  Wood fibers absorb moisture and breakdown quickly.  Decaying woods can also become host to molds and bacteria.  When this happens over time, the resulting damage is costly and can be hazardous.  For these reasons, natural woods are a poor choice for moist areas.

Plastic Laminate Flooring

Plastic laminate flooring sounds like it would be ideal for wet spaces, but its name is deceptive.  While it has a surface that is completely man-made and water-resistant, what’s under that top layer is usually a thicker layer of fiberboard.  The fiberboard layer is made from wood fibers that will absorb moisture, decay and mold as the natural wood flooring above. This makes plastic laminates a weak option for wet areas.


Here’s the rule breaker.  Most modern carpets are synthetic and fully inorganic. But despite their non-natural break-down risk, carpets tend to hold moisture in their fibers and in padding below the carpet.  This results in bacterial growth, odors and other undesirable reactions.  Carpet is on the “no-go” list for moist or wet environments.

Now that you know the 3 worst options for wet areas check out any of these great flooring choices for moist environments.

Best Flooring Options for Wet Areas

Porcelain, Ceramic or Vinyl Tile are all strong flooring options for moist areas of your home.  And you’d be surprised at what you can do with vinyl tile these days! But our favorite and most versatile recommendation for wet or moist areas is Luxury Vinyl Plank.

Among its many attributes LVP boasts:

  • Simple Installation
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Design Options for any Décor
  • High Resilience
  • Water-Resistant

Here’s more on Why to Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring.  Contact our flooring specialists for help with selecting the best flooring option for your moisture-prone areas.

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