The Latest in 2020 Flooring Trends on the Crystal Coast

Flooring trends

With 2020 officially here, we are not only entering a new year but going into a whole new decade. This new decade seems like the perfect time to get out of our comfort zones and try something new in your Crystal Coast home or vacation rental. The 2020 trends for floors we are seeing are an excellent way to get out of that comfort zone, but still stay in the familiar look of classic hardwoods and tile. If you’re looking to revamp your home’s flooring for the new decade, explore some of these flooring trends to create a fresh look.

Wider Planking

In the last few years, we have seen width in flooring increase year over year. Wide hardwood and luxury vinyl can measure up to twelve inches wide. The allure of wider planks can make a room feel large, open, and even grand. We are also noticing customers opting for luxury vinyl planking (LVP), which creates the same look of hardwood but also being available at a variety of price points. LVP boasts also generally low maintenance and upkeep. At the end of the day whether you go with traditional hardwood or luxury vinyl, wider planks will make your rooms appear more spacious and allow grain patterns to be prominently displayed.

Earth tones + Blues

While it’s true neutrals never go out of style, we are seeing more and more people opt for earth tones in their flooring selections. Whether you need tile, hardwood, vinyl, or carpet, earth tones are universally appealing because they come in a wide range of hues that work for a variety of spaces. In carpeting, we are seeing people opt for grays with hints and undertones of blue, which create the perfect cool earth tone in a carpet choice. Within other flooring selections outside of carpet, earth tones are often chosen because they work well and accent any style d├ęcor. The popularity of this can be attributed to the simple look this offers, while still being luxe looking.

Environmentally Friendly

If the new decade brings anything, it will be an increased emphasis on making sure we are being environmentally friendly – flooring styles included. More manufactures are prioritizing eco-friendly and greener selections for their planks. Additionally, we are seeing natural sealants becoming more popular than traditional polyurethane.

Air Quality

While being eco-conscious is top of mind for many people, many consumers are also educating themselves on the effects of chemicals such as formaldehyde and VOCs in their homes. Green Guard Certification, Carb 2 Compliance, and even special air purifying finishes are often things that come up during planning for new flooring installs. Families with young children and pets are especially concerned with this.

Distressed Wood

The final trend we are seeing gain steam in 2020 for hardwood floors is distressed wood. While some techniques are a little wild, the distressed look can instantly transform a room to have a beachy or vintage feel to it. Common techniques include saw marks, wirebrushing, or lye treatment. As time goes on, the wood will mask natural damage that occurs to floors and leave you with an outstanding aged hardwood floor look. Find more information on hardwood flooring here. Contact our flooring specialists for help with incorporating a 2020 flooring trend into your home or vacation home in North Carolina today

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