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Waterproof Your Showers


Waterproofing your showers sounds ridiculous at first…why check if something designed to withstand water is waterproof. The answer is simple; because of human error. While water might not be flowing out of your shower, that doesn’t mean that it’s fully waterproof. The issue of improper waterproofing typically occurs with tile showers. Moisture forming in the […]

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Featured Product: Cali Bamboo


What if you could help save over 387,000 trees, absorb over 9,288 tons of CO2 every year, and save over 7,740 areas of rainforest habitat with one purchase? When you buy Cali Bamboo flooring, you can do just that. Cali Bamboo started as mission for two friends to provide sustainable, high quality building materials. Their […]

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Managing the Mayhem in Your Office Space


Piles of papers, cobwebs in the corners, and leftover cups of coffee don’t exactly convey that professional office setting you’re going for. First impressions do make a difference, and simply having a tidy office can make a good one. Just a few easy tasks can keep your office space neat and tidy and create an […]

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3 Things Schools Forget When Buying Floors


School facilities are no longer just for education, having become multipurpose centers for the entire community. They demand flooring that works hard – taking a beating during assemblies, special events, physical education classes, drama performances, and much more. This constant use adds up to tremendous wear and tear, with little time left for cleaning and […]

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Gym Floors: 3 Simple Steps to a Brilliant Shine


A gym floor is a big investment for any athletic facility. To get a good return on the time, effort, and money you’ve poured into your floor, you’ll want to protect it from damage. Effective walk off mats, strict maintenance routines, and durable covers can keep your investment looking new for years to come. Stop […]

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The Right Commercial Flooring for Your Space


Does your current flooring broadcast its age to everyone who visits your building? If what is underfoot is under-performing, you have more replacement choices available today than ever before. Some of the most popular, durable, and beautiful commercial flooring options include vinyl and ceramic planks and tiles. Vinyl Plank Flooring Vinyl plank flooring is available […]

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Surf on Turf: Bring the Beach to Your Home Decor


If your dreams are full of sandy beaches, decorating your home in a sea breeze theme may seem like an easy decision. Your ideal décor, whether it’s Hawaiian paradise or Gilligan’s Island, can be achieved with a few steps and a little imagination. Follow these tips to stay on course to create your perfect getaway […]

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