Flooring for Commercial and High Traffic Areas


There comes a time when every agency needs flooring replaced, especially organizations that see large numbers of people walking on their floors every day.  Businesses, schools, hospitals, government buildings, and shopping centers have heavy foot-traffic and need durable, easy to clean flooring.  Each high-traffic application has unique uses and needs.  At Eastman’s, we help target […]

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Eastman’s Partnership With the NJPA


Eastman’s Carpet and Flooring is a proud member of the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA). With over 50,000 members, the NJPA is a municipal national contracting cooperative consisting of a wide variety of education, government, and nonprofit agencies. The NJPA leverages collective purchasing power and a streamlined buying process to save money and make purchasing more efficient […]

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Financing Your Flooring


Buying new floors is a multilayered process. Deciding on a budget, the type of flooring – hardwood, carpet, luxury vinyl, what color or pattern you want, etc. It doesn’t always happen over-night. It’s a big decision and you want to make the right one. We understand that purchasing new floors is a big investment, and […]

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Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring


If you’re in need of new flooring and looking for beauty, durability and easy maintenance, luxury vinyl flooring should be on your radar. Luxury Vinyl is a popular choice among homeowners because of its amazing realistic look. Using 3D imaging technology, these floors can easily replicate the look and texture of high-quality flooring such as […]

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