Installing flooring is a big task that requires both knowledge and the skillset to properly complete the project.  For a project that big, it’s not surprising that things can go wrong when you tackle it without a professional’s help.  These mistakes and DIY floor fails may make you smile, but they may also prevent a […]

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Extra Is Just Enough


Experienced contractors know that no two jobs are the same, but one aspect of a flooring installation never changes.  The best contractors know how to prepare for it; you’re going to need extra flooring.  While keeping costs down is usually the goal of a homeowner, a good contractor knows there’s a need to have extra […]

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Grey is the New Black


Image Colors can make a home feel welcoming and fun-loving, but too much color can lend to a feeling of chaos or childishness.  Where do you start when you don’t want plain white or a clashing disharmony in your decor?  Start with a neutral base and design your décor from there with a limited […]

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Springing For New Floors


It’s springtime.  While you’re looking forward to longer days and flowers, it’s also time to tackle “spring cleaning.”  This time of year, you can find motivation to clean out closets, reduce clutter and update your living spaces.  An updated floor is a great place to start. And with Eastman’s, you can update your flooring without […]

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