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3 Categories of Water Damage


Between the humidity levels and hurricane season, water damage is inevitable when living in Eastern NC. Due to issues that accompany different categories of water damage, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. This information can help you identify the different categories of water damage and know what immediate steps and precautions need to […]

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Extra Is Just Enough


Experienced contractors know that no two jobs are the same, but one aspect of a flooring installation never changes.  The best contractors know how to prepare for it; you’re going to need extra flooring.  While keeping costs down is usually the goal of a homeowner, a good contractor knows there’s a need to have extra […]

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Grey is the New Black


Image Unsplash.com Colors can make a home feel welcoming and fun-loving, but too much color can lend to a feeling of chaos or childishness.  Where do you start when you don’t want plain white or a clashing disharmony in your decor?  Start with a neutral base and design your décor from there with a limited […]

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Eco-Friendly Materials [Happy Earth Day]


Earth.  Earth.  We only have this one planet to call home, so let’s show it some love and support this upcoming Earth Day! If you’re considering a new floor, consider an eco-friendly option.  It’s almost impossible to live here on the Crystal Coast and not appreciate the beauty of the ocean, the blooming dogwoods, and […]

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