Affordable and Cozy Home Decor Updates


When you think of special times with love ones, you can’t help but imagine a room filled with family.  food, and festivities.  Creating rooms with a warm ambience for those special places starts with simple and easy ways to update home décor. There’s no better place to start the transformation than with the floor. Rugs […]

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Modern Rugs vs. Traditional Rugs


  Traditional Rugs: Traditional rugs have small ornate details that make them appealing to the eye. Traditional rugs are increasingly being paired with modern decor. They pair nicely together; the traditional rug becomes the anchor of the room. It pulls everything together while adding texture and character to the room.     Modern Rugs: While […]

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Carpet Tile


Carpet tile, also referred to as modular carpet, is a long lasting and durable alternative to standard carpeting. Carpet tiles come in square pieces with adhesive on the underside. When placing the pieces down on the floor, you’ll get a perfectly even look every time because each tile’s dimensions are identical. Durability is typically an […]

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Benefits of Carpet Padding


Selecting the perfect carpet for your home is only half the battle. Choosing the right carpet padding is just as important as the carpet itself. Carpet padding gives carpets a richer, thicker and softer feel. Each manufacturer has a requirement for the thickness and density of the padding they recommend for their carpets. Adding the […]

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