Fall in Love with Vinyl


Some people hear the word “vinyl” and immediately remember bright linoleum filled kitchens with floral patterns, dated colors, and unrealistic textures. This is not your grandma’s vinyl. Get ready for a new relationship with modern vinyl flooring! Crushing on Karndean Kaleidoscope This geometric vinyl design from Karndean Flooring features realistic wood grans in modern neutral […]

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Flooring for Commercial and High Traffic Areas


There comes a time when every agency needs flooring replaced, especially organizations that see large numbers of people walking on their floors every day.  Businesses, schools, hospitals, government buildings, and shopping centers have heavy foot-traffic and need durable, easy to clean flooring.  Each high-traffic application has unique uses and needs.  At Eastman’s, we help target […]

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Water Damage 101


Water damage can be a home owner’s worst nightmare.  From leaky faucets to flooding, damage is often swift and has serious consequences. In Eastman’s Carpet and Flooring’s newest guide, we’ll review the causes, signs, and restoration to help inform, protect, and restore your life after water damage. Whether you think your floors might be damaged […]

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Maximize with Molding


Once you’ve decided what type of new flooring to put in your home you’ll need to consider transition molding. Molding and trim can make an impression and it’s a critical detail that often gets overlooked, yet adds a distinguishing feel of a well-designed room. Below are some of the common type of moldings and distinct […]

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