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Surf on Turf: Bring the Beach to Your Home Decor


If your dreams are full of sandy beaches, decorating your home in a sea breeze theme may seem like an easy decision. Your ideal décor, whether it’s Hawaiian paradise or Gilligan’s Island, can be achieved with a few steps and a little imagination. Follow these tips to stay on course to create your perfect getaway […]

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Life’s a Beach: Pros and Cons of Beach House Floors


Not all floors were created equal, especially when you live along the coast. Hypothetically speaking, floors that are used for homes inland can also work for your beach house, with good installation and regular maintenance. But life beside the sea means allowing the outside in. From kids and pets tracking in sand to the constant […]

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What’s in a Flooring Warranty?

What's in a flooring warranty?

Living along the East Coast comes with beach and lifestyle benefits to be sure. There are also concerns – from hurricanes and sand to the economy. One thing’s for sure, the quality your home’s floors shouldn’t be one of the things that keeps you up at night! A good warranty will guarantee the condition of […]

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