Bring the Outdoors In

2018 is seeing more home owners blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces. It’s time to bring the outdoors in.  Home owners are using patio flooring and concrete slabs throughout the interior of their homes.  Furniture and décor items traditionally seen outdoors are appearing inside.  And huge top-to-bottom windows are favorites for an indoor-outdoor feel.

What is the most important rule of home design? There are no rules! Okay, that might have been a stretch, but there’s a lot of truth in there.   These days, homeowners are able to tailor their design decisions to personal tastes with less concern about traditional expectations.  Your home may have an existing architectural or design style, but you don’t have to put yourself into a proverbial design “box.”

Here are some ways to bring the outdoors in this year.

Houseplants can bring a new sense of life to any room.  The natural green brightens and livens up any part of the home.  Some hearty houseplants can grow to extraordinary lengths in a home.

Image Leedyinteriors

Dumb Cane needs are minimal with regular pot soil, average humidity and can reach upwards of 5 feet!


Philodendron can be grown in most homes with little maintenance.  This vine plant will grow to great lengths adding more greenery to your room over time.

Decorate with Natural Textures
Incorporating elements that are found in nature can add much character to your rooms.  If possible, leaving the natural material unaltered creates a unique visual experience in your home!

Stone can be a major centerpiece to any room.  When mixing two items with different functions, like a natural stone and a glass table, the result can be functional and gorgeous.

This driftwood mirror is such a functional piece of nature to incorporate into your home.

 Windows and More Windows

Natural light is amazing in-home décor.  Bathing your rooms in natural light can make all the difference in the ambiance of your home.  Sunlight brings mood and health benefits, too.  So, enjoy more Vitamin D, and let the light in through your windows.


Skylights and large windows are the ultimate views of the outdoors from the comfort of your own bed.

Image BHG

Cobblestone Indoor

This home from has floor to ceiling windows overlooking a beautiful wooded yard and also incorporating cobblestone into the dining room floor.  Floorings like cobblestone or concrete have become a popular twist both inside and out.

Don’t be afraid to bend the rules of the house when you decide to bring a bit of nature into your home.  Make it your own and enjoy the natural feel of living a little “outside” the box – even when your indoors.

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